Desert adaptation: stop wishing for rain. How we behave in drought and anticipation. Where I turn to him: conscious of who may be looking.  

Miming the transitory on the insomnia bed: I put my hands through what he says. Trafficking words: resuscitations of form, of touch.

The line breaks: rhythm and stealing.

                                                            Our deceit: revision.

                                                                                                Closure: something to resist. 


Jami Macarty is a poet, editor, arts administrator, and community advocate. She teaches contemporary poetry and creative writing at Simon Fraser University, serves as a Poetry Ambassador for Vancouver's Poet Laureate, Rachel Rose, is an editor of the online poetry journal The Maynard, and blogs for Drunken Boat at Peerings & Hearings -- Occasional Musings on Arts in the City of Glass. A recipient of fellowships from Arizona Commission on the Arts, Banff Center, BC Arts Council, and the winner of Rabbit Catastrophe Review's 2016 Real Good Poem Prize (selected by Kiki Petrosino), her poems appear in 2016 issues of Blood Orange ReviewThe FiddleheadGrainPrism internationalSITUATE, and Vallum: contemporary poetry. Landscape of The Wait, a poetic response to her nephew's car accident and year-long coma, is to be published by Finishing Line Press May 2017.